Traditional Wooden Plan Chest

Wooden Plan Chests

The Traditional wooden plan chest combines elegance with practicality to create a useful piece of furniture suitable for any office, studio or classroom.

Built and Configured for You

6, 9 or 12 drawer versions of this traditional wooden plan chest are all maticulously built to order with either A0 or A1 drawers. Available in, light oak, maple, beech and light grey wood.

Wood Finishes - Oak, Beech, Maple, Grey
Lockable Drawers

Optional Extras

For added security, Traditional wooden plan chests can be fitted with individually locking drawers. Locking castors may also be fitted to the steel plinth making them easier to move around.

Plan Chest Construction

Fitted with metal bow handles and a 50mm steel plinth. Our wooden plan chests are constructed using 3-drawer modular sections which fit together to give the required number of drawers.

Metal Bow Handles

Store More

The 68mm deep drawers and simple lines make the Traditional wooden plan chest ideal for offices or design studios. Its robust construction also makes it suitable for college art rooms and other educational environments. Traditional 3 drawer sections may be combined with 6 or 8 drawer Heath sections in any order.

Wooden plan chests for class rooms